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Current Projects

Care preferences of older adults in Ontario - a discrete choice experiment

Conducting a discrete choice experiment to study the preferences of older adults for home care and long-term care in Ontario, Canada, with a special focus on the preferences of immigrants. The DCE consists of various steps: rapid literature review, qualitative interviews, pilot survey, and main survey. This project is funded by SSHRC Insight Development Grant and MacData Fellowship Award.

Link to review protocol here: 

Mental health service use, immigrant status, and neighbourhood immigration concentration in Ontario

Using multi-level regression modelling, I explore whether the concentration of immigrants in a neighbourhood influences the association between immigrant household status and mental health service use of children and youth. I use the large-scale epidemiological 2014 Ontario Child Health Study dataset to explore my research question.

Learn more about the data here: 

Labour outcomes after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health shock in migrants in Canada

I study the impact of a health shock, specifically a cardiovascular or cerebrovascular event, on employment income and the likelihood of being employed in immigrant populations in Canada. I then study whether these effects are different among  groups of immigrants who differ by various characteristics such as country of origin. An administrative linked-dataset from Statistics Canada is used (IMDB-DAD). Analysis is conducted using differences-in-differences approach together with propensity-score matching. This project is funded by the CRDCN Emerging Scholars Award.

Health outcomes, health care utilization, and cost outcomes of medically uninsured migrants in Canada - a systematic review

Leading a team of master of public health students to conduct a systematic review of literature reporting on health outcomes, healthcare utilization trends and healthcare costs in medically uninsured populations in Canada.

An earlier version of the review is available as a working document here: 

Cost-sharing for prescription drug coverage and health - systematic review 

Collaborating with Dr. Emmanuel Guindon, my primary supervisor, and others to conduct two reviews: 1) a systematic umbrella review to examine the association of prescription drug insurance and cost-sharing with drug use, healthcare services use, and health globally and 2) a systematic review to examine the same associations locally in Canada. We also examine the degree to which the associations  differ across levels of socioeconomic status, health status, and sex. This project has been funded by CIHR. 

Link to review protocol here: 

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